It was October of 1961 and was the period in which an idea was sparked by Harold Farrar. This was the year that Harold decided to incorporate his small babbitting company and call it Babbitting Service, Incorporated. The service provided by BSI at that time consisted primarily of re-babbitting automotive parts such as connecting rods and main engine blocks. This was a creative process in a specific market that was very successful at that time. But that wasn't good enough.

By 1974, the methods used for re-babbitting parts proved to be very effective not only in automotive parts repair but in babbitt bearing repair as well. Effective machining skills resulted in the migration of the business from automotive to the power generation and oil/gas industries. It wasn’t until performing work in this industry that growing and expanding the business seemed possible. BSI had started rapidly gaining new customers as the business indeed grew with more work and a handful of new employees. But that still wasn't good enough.

BSI was soon contacted by various OEM’s in many different industries for the manufacture of new babbitt bearings and parts. It was clear that BSI was now gaining momentum in this industry and pushed forward to generate even more business by maintaining the repair side of the business and adding new part manufacturing. Not only did BSI’s business grow, but the size of the company was rapidly outgrowing their facility.

Today, BSI is still owned by the same family and has not stopped growing and expanding. The increasing number of customers, the growing number of employees, and the expansion of BSI facilities is the result of years of hard work, dedication, and the desire to succeed by BSI ownership and all its employees. What had once started as a small repair shop has turned into a leader in the babbitt bearing and parts industry. Determination and achieving goals is a successful formula that has continually strengthened the longevity of BSI over the years.