Babbitting Service, Inc repairs bearings for a variety of applications including pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, generators, gearboxes, and much more. From OEM manufactured parts to end users who require repair, rebabbitting, or recasting of their babbitt bearings and equipment, BSI is capable of repairing your babbitted products.

Repair Capabilities

  • Recasting, Rebabbitting, Babbitt Repair
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product Upgrade Support
  • OD Repair
  • Oil Deflector Repair and Tooth Replacement
  • Hydrogen Seal System Refurbishment
  • Re-insulating
  • Thrust Assembly Repair
  • Instrumentation Replacement, RTD or Thermocouple replacement
  • Specialized assembly checks - Bearing contact fitting and BLUE check, Bearing to ring Pinch check with alterations, Bearing to ring torque check with alterations.
  • Emergency Service

General Size & Weight Capacity

  • 45000 square foot climate controlled manufacturing facility
  • Crane capacity up to 10 tons
  • (2) Loading docks
  • (2) 14 x 14 ground level doors with large machine access
  • Maximum turning diameter - 88"
  • Spherical OD machining and repair up to 60"
  • Milling box size - 60" x 60" x 70"
  • Maximum weight capacity per segment - 20,000 lbs.

You can email our repair department directly at