Technical Services

  • Reverse Engineering

BSI has the capabilities to reverse engineer your existing parts when there is no print or drawing available, usually all that is needed is a sample part. The need for this service comes from a variety of different reasons but is always handled the same way. Our extensive knowledge and library of OEM parts helps us identify the most critical aspects of the part and then use Solid Modeling technology to create the part before ever making a chip. During this process we engineer the most recent specifications into your part and help reduce costs by making the part “manufacturer friendly”. The materials from the existing part are analyzed and duplicated or upgraded to stronger materials that are readily available for a quicker lead time and a higher quality part. The end result is a stronger, longer lasting part you can rely upon. BSI will issue you a unique P/N that is specific to your part and this number will be kept on file for traceability, future orders, and reference.

  • Product Upgrade Support

    Your bearings may not be performing to their maximum potential. The knowledgeable BSI sales and support team members can offer customers great advice on upgrading your existing bearings or parts if needed.

  • Assembly Checks and Fittings

    • Bearing contact fitting and BLUE check
    • Bearing to bearing ring Pinch check with alterations
    • Bearing to bearing ring Torque check with alterations
  • Temperature Sensors

BSI can provide, install, and replace temperature sensors and plugs of all types and styles including RTD's, thermocouples, proximity switches, vibration probes, and torque rings. BSI also provides modification for Bentley Nevada designs.

  • Repair & Replacement for End Users

    Many bearings taken out of service for one reason or another have either been rebabbitted and not restored to the OEM design or are old versions when newer revisions are available. We will put our knowledge and engineering to work so you can enjoy longer life from your bearings and seals.

  • OEMs With Old or Obsolete Drawings

    One large aspect of the OEM business is replacement parts for the units that have been in the field for years. We are aware that the only drawings available for the replacement parts come from pattern castings that are no longer available. BSI can take all your old data and recreate the same functional part that is easily manufactured from commercially available bar stock or forging. This not only helps reduce the cost of manufacturing the part but, also helps drastically reduce the lead-time required.