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Bearing Repair

Contact BSI for Bearing Repairs:

          BSI             Bearing REPAIRS

BSI is capable of extensive repair and refurbishment of fixed geometry, tilting pad journal and tilting pad thrust bearings and seals. Typical repairs that BSI performs daily are:​​

  • Babbitt resurfacing / recasting.

  • OD repair with metal arc spray.

  • Bearing inspections (dimensional, NDT, torque checks, pinch and bump checks, and temp device checks and replacements)

  • Temperature device installation.

  • from small bearings to very large 36" plus.

BSI can Reverse Engineer your parts when drawings are not available.



This power plant customer had an emergency outage that required a full rework and rebabbitting of all babbitt bearings in a large turbine. Bearings were reconditioned 



Another power plant customer had an unexpected emergency outage that required a full overtime and rebabbitting of all turbine bearings.

Metal Arc Spray

BSI repair services include bearing OD repair by utilizing metal arc spray.

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