Engineering and Design

BSI is capable of designing and manufacturing bearings to customer specifications or designing a bearing based on a set of design inputs.


Bearing Design

BSI can optimize for low oil flow, or low power loss to keep your equipment running efficiently. Designs are always evaluated for excessive heat and babbitt fatigue to prevent failure or an early shut-down.





Rotor dynamics Optimization

Stiffness and damping coefficients can be generated for any bearing design. BSI expertise can help find the right bearing design to optimize machine stability and keep vibration to a minimum.






Minimize Cost

Manufacturability and material cost is always considered in every bearing design. We strive to give our customers the lowest cost option while meeting design criteria and input.

3D printing is available for prototype evaluation.

Bearing Types

  • Tilting Pad
  • Tapered Land
  • Pressure Dam
  • Elliptical or Lemon Bore
  • Tilting Pad Thrust
  • Fixed Geometry - including compound taper